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Emotional Support

Throughout the journey that life takes us on there are times where we start to struggle both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Individual counselling can help you work through these, and other common issues such as past and painful memories, depression, anxiety and addiction.

Emotional support and individual counselling can take many forms and Ian will address the issue at hand, explore your general well-being and focus on the way to improve your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Working with you on your journey

Sometimes being a male therapist is appreciated by both male and female clients. Emotional support can mean anything from anger management, grief and loss or coping with stress. It may also include anxiety, depression, being abused or bullied or an emotional crisis in one form or another.

In one-to-one sessions he is able to address your concerns in depth. Your journey may begin in a personal or relationship crisis, or transition, that he will work to alleviate and resolve. The process of therapy is also a process of personal growth that, as you work together, may open up paths towards a more meaningful and satisfying life.

After surviving a cruel and abusive father and two failed marriages with abusive husbands, Ian is the first man in my life to treat me with dignity and respect”…Diane, 59.

“When I started thinking I wanted to kill myself I knew I needed help. Thankfully I found Ian on the internet. I am now living life better and no longer have those feelings that at the time were so overwhelming” ……Matthew, 24.

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