Life Coach

Life coaching is a style of support, communication and accountability to assist in mindset, beliefs, goals, desires and action steps. With mindset being the root of building the dream life you desire, there is a range of different modalities to work through such as limiting beliefs, trauma and building rapport with your conscious and unconscious mind. This allows you to be in alignment with yourself and gain clarity on your life purpose and developing a plan to materialise your desires.

Guidance and Support

Some people come to counselling early in life and others much later. In many cases the underlying issues may revolve around finding purpose and meaning and other times what is it that I have to contribute? Wherever you may be on your journey, talking it over with someone who is really listening and acts as a guide can be the beginning of finding a purpose for life.

When I retired I felt I was past my “use by date”. Having spent time with Ian I found purpose and meaning for my life. I have no hesitation in recommending him to others in this situation”….. Peter 69

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