About Me

A little something about me.

Ian Parkin

Ian is a passionate and affordable therapist in the Hills District specializing in family and relationships counselling. Ian is able to assist with issues such as grief and loss, depression and anxiety or any relationship issue either with a partner of other family member(s). Ian has helped couples and families since 1991 and as a counsellor since 2002. He currently works online within a secure technology environment yet has offices in Castle Hill, Northmead and Windsor.

“Having a male counsellor helped my husband decide to come to couples therapy after the affair. Our relationship is so much better now.” ….Jillian, 42.

Ian is passionate about working with clients with integrity and compassion helping them to discover their wisdom for the issues they may face as a couple.

“you are awesome Ian, thank you for saving our marriage.” … Robert, 51.

Just like many people Ian has been on a journey of personal discovery. Starting as a professional engineer he has been through four career changes in his life but always with an interest in how the mind works. These many experiences of life helped shape his desire to help people and he feels called to be engaged with his current career as a clinical relationships counsellor. Having a Masters degree in Counselling he is registered with ARCAP* as a clinically qualified therapist. He also holds post graduate qualifications in family and relationships counselling and theological studies. He is a member of the CCAA** and through that organisation a clinical member of PACFA***.

* Australian Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.
** Christian Counsellors Association of Australia
*** Psychotherapists and Counsellors Federation of Australia.


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