Family Support

“When our teenage daughter became difficult to manage my husband and I went with her to see Ian. The one word that still resonates with us all from those meetings is “consequences”. ... Eva 37.

Unless you have read extensively or done professional studies in parenting seeking a family guide in times of difficult family situations can be the next best decision you or anyone can make. Whether it is parenting, coping with the development of family members at various stages of their lives or some immediate family conflict counselling can offer a way forward.


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Christians

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Christians. After completing my Masters degree I began to explore addictive behaviours …


Having completed the training for the Christian Counsellors Association of Australia Ian Parkin is now a supervisor for his …

Radio programmes

The engagement with other work on a Friday meant that I may have to forego the weekly radio programme on Alive 90.5 FM. At …