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Radio programmes

The engagement with other work on a Friday meant that I may have to forego the weekly radio programme on Alive 90.5 FM. At the moment working through the book by Gary Chapman called “The Four Seasons Of Marriage”. Now it seems we can organize to pre-record our sessions on a Thursday morning before the Friday midday sessions are due.

Because of Good Friday this week the first pre-recorded session will be the following week at 12 noon Friday 21st April 2017. We are working through seven strategies to improve relationships for couples. We are about half way through these seven (7) strategies. The hope is that if someone is in a season such as the winter of their marriage they may be able to shift to a brighter season.

Last Radio Programme for Now

Regrettably I am not going to be available for my weekly radio programme after this Friday due to other commitments.

This session will be on the seven strategies suggested by Gary Chapman in his book titled “The 4 Seasons of Marriage”.

So in case you missed it they are 1. Deal with past failures, 2. Choose a winning attitude, 3. Learn to speak the love language of your spouse, 4. Develop the awesome power of empathic listening, 5. Discover the Joy of helping your partner succeed, 6. Maximise your differences, and, 7. Implement the power of positive influence.

So that is it in a nut shell.

Sorry to be leaving but other duties beckon.

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