Our Counselling Practice

Ian is a passionate and affordable relationships counsellor in the Hills District specialising in family and relationships counselling. Ian is able to assist with emotional crises such as depression or anxiety, as well as grief and loss or with relationships with a partner or other family member(s). Ian has worked with couples and families since 1991 and as a counsellor since 2002. He now offers online technology as well as providing offices in Castle Hill, Northmead and Windsor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is counselling overall?

I seek to listen with empathy and compassion, encourage with hope and integrity and help you discover wisdom for your life.

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How many sessions do you think I may require?

The number of sessions may depend on the requirements of each client or couple.

It is important to think in terms of at least six sessions initially with a review after that time.

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Are you clinically qualified?

I have worked as a counsellor since 2002 and I am a registered clinical counsellor with PACFA (Pyschotherapists and Counsellors Federation of Australia) PACFA Reg. 21952. I also have post graduate qualifications in relationships counselling.

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